New background information on gas chromatography technology

For our distributors we have added a whole set of information on the technical details of our gas chromatographs. Log in on the distributor section to check it out. For your convenience we updated also the distributor map.

For our users: we have added information on new data sheets on the measurement of sulfur hydrocarbons, ozone precursor hydrocarbons. See also the reference list on measurement with the Synspec GC955 of ozone hydrocarbon precursors in Hongkong, among other publications.

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New data sheets

Synspec has finished and updated several data sheets:

New is the sample conditioning unit.

The water purge unit has been revised and we have new application data sheets.

New is also the super cooled trap running at -15 oC.

The data sheet on the mercaptans has been revised.

All data sheets can be found under More Information.


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Air pollution causes cancer

IARC has published a new book on the relationshp between air pollution and cancer.

This gives the serious message that air pollution is now classified as a proven human carcinogen.

For more information look at this link:


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IUAPPA conference Cape Town South Africa

From 29 September up to 3 October the 16th IUAPPA conference will take place in South Africa in Cape Town. At this international conference on clean air our distributor in South Africa will present among others the Synspec and LSE product lines.

If you go to this event, do not forget to visit the booth of Envirocon Instrumentation.

By:Titia on 2013-09-12 16:28:10

Synspec participates at the Gas 2013 in Rotterdam

Synspec and LSE participate at the Gas 2013 meeting June 5 to 7 in Rotterdam.

During the opening session Dick Benschop, ceo of Shell Netherlands is standing in front of our stand.

The meeting is held every two years and is visited by most calibration gas manufacturors but also by the international measurement community.

By:Titia on 2013-06-05 15:48:16

Synspec distributors visiting FPI in Hangzhou, China in June

From June 17 till 19 a second group of Synspec distributors will visit FPI in Hangzhou.
Focussed Photonics Incorporated owns 75% of Bohnen Beheer, the Synspec mother company.
But also it produces a whole range of other analysers, like Laser Gas Analysesr for process and emission control.

By:Titia on 2013-05-12 16:02:33

M/TNMHC analysers for CARB

Synspec is proud to announce that the Californian Air Resource Board is going to replace a second batch of methane/totalnonmethane analysers with our Synspec Alpha 115.

After testing the first batch to satisfaction with help of the JJ Wilbur company, our USA distributor, they now ordered a second batch of these analysers.

For more information, contact Michael Rijpkema at Synspec

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New floor in production hall

Part of the Synspec building has got a new lighter coloured flooring, improving ESD safety and making it better to work on!

We are just finishing the first part, will hope to produce on that space many useful items to use in our analysers

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It is now end of February and winter is still there in Groningen.

But spring is coming soon and with that the website will also get flying!

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air pollution causes cancer