Different types

For standardized applications where only one or two compounds are to be determined Synspec has designed the Alpha.

It is a small, lightweight analyser, making transport and installation an easy job.

Power consumption is low, the software has simple “surfaces” that make it easy for people who have no training in GC technology to run it without more than one day training.

The following systems are available as Alpha:

Alpha 114

Has cooled preconcentration trap that also functions as separation column and FID as detector

Methane /TNMHC

Alpha 115, 116

Have a loop, a single separation column and FID as detector

Methane /TNMHC

Alpha 401

Has a preconcentration trap, capillary column and PID as detector


Alpha Coditheen*

Has a loop, micro packed column  and PID as detector

Ethene measurement

The Alpha Coditheen is an OEM product for the company Hanwel, application in greenhouses. Contact Hanwel for more information.